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With incomparable knowledge of the industry, experienced installation teams and a selection of case studies to review, D Page Contractors LTD are a well-established and experienced Ground Screw installation company.  We continue to support a wide client base, and construction companies of all sizes have and continue to utilise our expertise.

We service applications from small structures such as garden rooms to multiple units, Holiday park developments and modular-based construction types.  D Page Contractors Ltd are set up and equipped for projects of any size.

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Benefits of Ground Screws

Ground Screws provide a fast, immediately loadable foundation and can be applied to a huge list of applications, such as:

Ground screws offer a swift and sturdy foundation solution ideal for modular construction projects, ensuring rapid assembly and structural integrity for diverse building modules..

With ground screws, holiday pods and lodges can be securely anchored, providing a stable base for temporary or permanent structures amidst natural settings, enhancing guest comfort and safety.

Ground screws facilitate the swift setup of glamping units, ensuring stability and durability for luxurious outdoor accommodation experiences, blending comfort with nature seamlessly.

Ground screws provide a reliable foundation for annexes, offering a quick and efficient solution for expanding living spaces or adding functional rooms to existing structures with minimal disruption.

Utilizing ground screws in SIPS construction ensures a dependable foundation system that complements the efficiency and sustainability of Structural Insulated Panel Systems, enhancing building performance and longevity.

Ground screws offer a hassle-free foundation solution for garden rooms, enabling quick installation and robust support for versatile outdoor living spaces, blending functionality with aesthetic appeal.

Ground screws provide a stable foundation for studios, offering a rapid and cost-effective solution for creating artistic or functional workspaces that prioritize durability and ease of installation.

Ground screws serve as a reliable base for solar structures, ensuring secure anchoring and optimal positioning for solar panels, maximizing energy generation potential in various environments.

With ground screws, summer houses can be quickly and securely anchored, providing a durable foundation for relaxing retreats or entertainment spaces, enhancing outdoor living experiences.

With ground screws, summer houses can be quickly and securely anchored, providing a durable foundation for relaxing retreats or entertainment spaces, enhancing outdoor living experiences.

Ground screws provide a solid foundation for log cabins and homes, ensuring stability and longevity for rustic yet resilient dwellings, blending traditional craftsmanship with modern construction methods.

Ground screws offer a robust foundation option for light gauge steel structures, providing a stable base for versatile building applications, from residential to commercial projects, with enhanced speed and efficiency.

Utilizing ground screws for carports and garages ensures a strong foundation that withstands the weight and demands of vehicles, offering a reliable solution for protecting vehicles while simplifying installation and maintenance.

Ground screws provide a sturdy foundation for pergolas, offering stability and durability for outdoor structures that enhance the aesthetics and functionality of gardens or recreational spaces, creating inviting outdoor retreats.

With ground screws, gazebos can be swiftly and securely anchored, providing a stable foundation for elegant outdoor structures that offer shade and shelter, enhancing outdoor gatherings and leisure activities.

FIRST BASE Ground Screws.

An undisputed leader in the field of Ground Screw Foundations.  From a country with a high demand for piled foundations, FIRST BASE not only develops its own range of high-quality ground screws using only S235 Quality Steel but also produce the digital systems to carry out a geotechnical investigation to obtain pile load data. 

Holiday Park Developments

With the UK’s Holiday Park industry booming, developers are turning to more sustainable and eco-friendly solutions for foundations.

Ground Screws are being specified to reduce concrete consumption, reduce time on site, minimise down time in adverse weather and improve flexibility for future alternations.  Ground Screw foundations can be removed and re-used if required.

For lodges on steel chassis, wheeled and lifted units, we can also provide useful accessories such as adjustable chassis stands

Modular Construction

Off-site, modular construction methods are proving more cost- and time-efficient for everyone.  Welfare units, Portable cabin, classrooms, and modular-based housing are well-suited foundation solutions for any modular-based structure.

Our Capacity

With construction sites varying on location, we need to able to serve in any situation.  If access should have limited or zero access, we can operate small, handheld, electric machines to complete projects.  On the opposite end of the scale, we also run 3 different types of hydraulic installation rigs for commercial sites and high-volume piles installations.  This includes 2 purpose built tracked installations drivers and an excavator – based rig. 

Dynamic, Digital Pile Load Testing 

D Page Contractors LTD utilise Digitally and GPS-based geotechnical site equipment to gain a full understanding of site-specific soil types.  With a fixed length and extendable ground screws and a selection of diameters to test, we can be completely satisfied to meet Structural load calculations for the appropriate signing off. 

Many traditional foundation methods work on over-engineered solutions, whereas Ground Screw foundations can be designed to suit the site soil conditions and application in a far more efficient way.

D Page Contractors LTD hold in-house Professional Indemnity insurance.