Case Study

A Spacious Garden Office, Crawley, Sussex

Case Study

A Spacious Garden Office, Crawley, Sussex

Client Brief

A Room in the Garden

Our clients from A.R.I.T.G turned to us once again to Install ground screw foundations for what would be a High-end Garden Office Structure.

The Structure will be built primarily from SIPS (Structurally Insulated Panels) but would also have some stylish attributes such as the vertically cladded steels carrying the roof load that would wrap around the structure creating a covered deck.

Site investigation and Load Testing

Soil conditions were extremely favourable, naturally compacted clay leading into a sandstone layer at approximately 1m depth, this would result in a high load bearing for ground screws at a reasonable depth, as a Tensile load test (pull test) would certify.

Installation and the results

The installation of the ground screws would be carried out over 2 visits, first for the main structure and later for the surrounding decking space. This was at the request of the client since each phase would require the ground screws to be set at different heights.

For the main structure, which would count for the majority of the Ground Screws, we would utilise our Hydraulic Driver for accuracy and efficiency, the installation of the initial 36 Ground Screws took our team of 2 just 6 hours including set out. Approximately 10 days after when A.R.I.T.G had erected the super structure we returned for the next phase, the decking foundations. The 24 Ground Screws required would be installed via a High-Torque, electrically powered Installation driver.

These machines are compact, fast to set up and in this instance took 1 operator just a few hours in the afternoon to complete. Upon completion of both phases our clients could swiftly commence construction. The end user was extremely grateful that only a minimal layer of turf had to be stripped and no further excavation of his garden would be necessary to create solid, permanent foundations for his stunning new Garden Office.