Case Study

Sandy Lanes Resort, Isle of Wight

Case Study

Sandy Lanes Resort, Isle of Wight

Client Brief

A experienced development company made contact with FIRST BASE Ground Screws, the client wanted to explore the possibility of applying Ground Screw Foundations on a large scale building project.

The client had recently acquired a piece of land that was once a Holiday Park. Left in a poor state of dis-repair and exposed to the harsh elements for many years prior, the site was levelled and cleared leaving a blank canvas on which to start again. The proposal was an all-new, 64 Holiday Lodge, community style development.

The client had plans to move quickly and efficiently and believed Ground Screws could allow for his main building contractors to commence construction of the lodges faster, avoiding the costly importing of concrete to an exposed site.

Information Reviewal and Site Investigation

We worked closely with the engineers at FIRST BASE Ground Screws and arrived at the conclusion that D Page Contractors Ltd would be instructed to Lead the operational side of
the project, the installation of the foundations.

It was quickly established that this site, on the south westerly coast of the island, would present multiple challenges for our site operators at the time of year that was proposed.
The exposed site meant strong winds, heavy rain and low temperatures were a highly likely scenario that needed to be factored into our risk assessment but more positively, due to the installation nature of Ground Screws it was deemed suitable to proceed. Structural Engineering and point loads were already produced for each structure so, as is necessary for a larger site, our teams began to set up multiple Testing locations using GPS.

Load Testing

With test locations already set up our team then move around the site performing Dynamic Load Testing. Our digital data collection systems are monitored remotely to ensure every piece of information is safely gathered and stored for future reference. Variable soil types are found across the site which means deeper foundations need to be specified for use in certain areas, this kind of revelation is important and validates the need for bespoke load testing.

Installation Phase

The Show home foundations are top priority closely followed by the seafront properties. We break the site up into phases and install 4 – 6 foundation plots per day.

The Results

We have been able to execute the installation of the foundations for a sizable project in circumstances where it would be assumed unviable due to timing and conditions. For our client, the results are that the start and the finish date for the entire project has been moved forward.

In addition to the building foundations, ground screws were also utilised as the support for the wrap-around decking space that were included on every lodge, traditionally supported with timber posts, the decking construction now benefits from an increased lifespan. Our methods are in-line with current Eurocode and have been passed by the local Building Control officer.