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Ground Screw Foundations

D Page Contractors LTD have worked in the commercial construction industry since 2008, switching its focus solely to Ground Screw Foundations in 2019.

Working closely with FIRST BASE Ground Screws based in the Netherlands, a known industry leader with a wealth of proven technology,  D page Contractors LTD became its major installation Partner for the UK. 

Ground Screws for 

Garden Office

Ground Screw Installation

The COVID-19 Pandemic of 2020 caused mayhem for those who, overnight, were required to work from home. Many left with no choice but to convert their dining table’s, kitchen worktops or bedrooms to a new working space.

The Garden Office Boom began and is still growing today. With this high demand for fast office space the Ground Screw foundation was the obvious choice. With most of these structures being built in timber, some in steel, either way, a concrete base is simply not an efficient solution and with much more eco awareness not favourable either.

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