Ground Screws

The Installation of Ground Screw Foundations is our Speciality and Passion and our goal is simple – to provide reliable, professional, High Quality services to both the DIY Market and the Trade

What are Groundscrews?

Traditionally, contractors would for your Summerhouse, Garden room or your Garden office and their manufacturers would specify concrete or hardcore foundation systems for many of this stand alone buildings. Ground screws are an eco-friendly and low impact solution for many of these builds and most importantly it is also a more cost efficient solution.
Ground screws are ideal for many situations since it is more efficient to install but satisfies the requirements of the planning officers, National Parks authorities and local councillors in terms of minimal disturbance to topsoil and tree roots. Since it can be installed all year round, ideal for those who live near floodplains to elevate their building to the correct height and many more beneficial solutions.
We work solely with FIRST BASE PRO-Series which are developed for heavier load bearing capacities. Produced in accordance with EN-1090-2 standards and galvanized in accordance with DIN EN ISO 1461, the Pro-type ensures you extreme stability, with the extra benefit of easy (and quick!) installation in every kind of soil. The perfect solution for temporary as well as permanent constructions.

Ground Screws for Garden Office

The COVID-19 Pandemic of 2020 caused mayhem for those who, overnight, were required to work from home. Many left with no choice but to convert their dining table’s, kitchen worktops or bedrooms to a new working space.

The Garden Office Boom began and is still growing today. With this high demand for fast office space the Ground Screw foundation was the obvious choice. With most of these structures being built in timber, some in steel, either way, a concrete base is simply not an efficient solution and with much more eco awareness not favourable either.

Ground Screws for Garden Rooms

Often described as a stand-alone extension of the home.  An extra room for accommodation, entertaining, relaxation, exercise, work, hobbies or play, Garden Rooms have never been so popular.  Garden rooms are often built bespoke for the client’s needs or desires.

Other’s come pre-fabricated, SIP Building’s (Structural Insulated Panel) are becoming more and more popular too.  Ground Screw Foundations for both Bespoke and PreFab can be installed without the need for any excavation, spoils to remove or heavy machinery so on top of those cost savings mother nature too can breathe a sigh of relief as the natural landscape is usually totally un disturbed too.

Ground Screws for Summer houses

The Summerhouses we provide foundations for are usually for leisure purposes rather than work. These Log Cabin type of structures are often Self build and like many structures the majority of the load is put on the perimeter foundations and below any adjoining walls where the roof load is transferred.

Summerhouses and Log Cabins are also often also located in beauty spots by the water or on the edge of wooded areas.  We have won countless contracts in Conservation Area’s and Root Protection Zone’s due to non intrusive nature of our Foundation system.