Professionally Installed

Ground Screw Foundations

D Page Contractors LTD have worked in the commercial construction industry since 2008, switching its focus solely to Ground Screw Foundations in 2019.

Working closely with FIRST BASE Ground Screws based in the Netherlands, a known industry leader with a wealth of proven technology,  D page Contractors LTD became its major installation Partner for the UK. 

Modular Builds

Ground Screw Installation

The primary benefit of modular construction is time saving and faster return on investment. Since modular construction allows for industrialised assembly that happens concurrently with site preparation, the total time it takes to build a structure can be dramatically reduced.

Modular Structures can be a Pre fabricated assembly for swift, on site assembly. Others are built entirely off site and delivered complete then placed into their desired location. Some good examples of this are Shipping Containers, Welfare Units and Portable cabin, with structural integrity usually factored in, they often incorporate landing legs or similar foundation points, perfect candidates for Ground Screw Foundations.

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