Case Study

Holly Tree Lodges, York

Case Study

Holly Tree Lodges, York

Client Brief

A small, family owned developer and land owner contacted us as they were proposing a new build Holiday Park.  The Park would consist of 8no 1.5 storey luxury Scandinavian Log Homes and the question was raised on the suitability of Ground Screw Foundations. The client’s initial enquiry related to the suitability of this foundation type, cost of installation and the amount of time it would take to complete.

The foundations would be subject to full Building Regulations.

Information Reviewal, Site investigation and Load Testing

We reviewed the engineering and load calculations for each structure.  Together with local geological data gathered we then carried out Dynamic Pile Load testing, designed around Ground Screw Foundations.  Bespoke Vertical and Horizontal Load Testing systems allowed us to digitally collect and record data which is used to specify the correct Ground Screw type and depth for the application.

We liaised directly with Structural Engineers to produce the most efficient foundation design layout for each structure, we also built in a minimum safety factor of 35% on each point load.

A detailed summary of results was produced, accepted and signed off by Yorkshire Building Control.


Planning and Installation

Site conditions were generally very good, the Ground Screw locations were swiftly marked out on site and all 8 plots, 416 points were ready for the foundations to be installed.

Our team of two Approved Installers spent just 7 days on Site with “Maggie”, our hydraulic Installation driver.  Our client was pleased that after day 1 their own build teams could set to work immediately without delay.

The Results

The results were 8no building foundations completed in 7 days.  From testing phase through to completion there was no requirement for any excavation or ground lowering, no reason to import any material such as aggregates for sub bases, no concrete pouring or pumping to each plot.  Any adverse weather such as frost, snow or rain will have caused zero – little effect on the project timelines.  The timber structures are now elevated from ground level preserving them from deterioration.  They can boast an entirely concrete free foundation and it has been calculated that this method has saved more than 50% in time as well as more cost effective than traditional methods.

Comments from the client:

I would like to thank David Page for an excellent job he did for our 8 Log Cabins.  The soil conditions were a bit of a nightmare but David soon found the right results with his testing, then did a fantastic job installing the piles, would highly recommend his fantastic service!”

R. Parker