Case Study

Norfolk Square, Brighton

Case Study

Norfolk Square, Brighton

Client Brief

Our client proposed the installation of a sculpture that was once located on the Brighton Sea front. In recent years the sculpture had been moved into storage due to its poor
condition and concerns over public safety.

Following its complete restoration, ‘The Waves of Compassion’ would be brought back to public display, this time in the Brighton and Hove city streets. Our client and the artist S.Geliot was very conscious to limit the use of concrete in its foundation so presented structural engineers with a challenge.

Site Investigation

The new location for the sculpture would be beside the public highway at the top of a private green space. Currently hard landscaped and made ground, the new proposed area
displayed signs of ground movement, something that was likely to continue. Structural Engineers proposed rather than heavy excavation to be replaced with large
volumes of concrete, instead, High-capacity Ground Screws to be installed to reinforce a much thinner slab of concrete.

Load Testing and Installation

Combined into the one day for logistical purposes, we opted for the High Load bearing 114mm x 1600mm Ground Screw, with relatively low point load requirements, it would be highly likely for a positive result that would enable us to move straight into the installation on the 6 Ground Screws. This was important since a section of the public walkway had been narrowed until our work was completed.

The Results

For our eco-conscious client, High Load Bearing ground screws have reduced the amount of material to be excavated and removed and vastly reduced the volume of concrete to be poured.

Today the Waves of Compassion is now on display for passes by to admire, the most important aspect of the foundations are hidden, but we can rest assured of its stability for many, many years to come.