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Ground Screw Foundations

D Page Contractors LTD have worked in the commercial construction industry since 2008, switching its focus solely to Ground Screw Foundations in 2019.

Working closely with FIRST BASE Ground Screws based in the Netherlands, a known industry leader with a wealth of proven technology,  D page Contractors LTD became its major installation Partner for the UK. 

Ground Screws for 

Garden Rooms

Ground Screw Installation

Often described as a stand-alone extension of the home.  An extra room for accommodation, entertaining, relaxation, exercise, work, hobbies or play, Garden Rooms have never been so popular.  Garden rooms are often built bespoke for the client’s needs or desires.

Other’s come pre-fabricated, SIP Building’s (Structural Insulated Panel) are becoming more and more popular too.  Ground Screw Foundations for both Bespoke and PreFab can be installed without the need for any excavation, spoils to remove or heavy machinery so on top of those cost savings mother nature too can breathe a sigh of relief as the natural landscape is usually totally un disturbed too.

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