Professionally Installed

Ground Screw Foundations

D Page Contractors LTD have worked in the commercial construction industry since 2008, switching its focus solely to Ground Screw Foundations in 2019.

Working closely with FIRST BASE Ground Screws based in the Netherlands, a known industry leader with a wealth of proven technology,  D page Contractors LTD became its major installation Partner for the UK. 

Residential Housing

Ground Screw Installation

New Home Builders in the UK are now obliged to seek out more environmentally friendly solutions.  Our current rate of concrete consumption is not sustainable but it’s not going to be phased out overnight with the demand for new houses so high.

The use of Ground Screws with concrete is a huge stepping stone to lowering that consumption.  With similar fundamentals and purpose to the traditional concrete pile, Ground Screws can instead be used and better still we can supply comprehensive, site specific testing to ensure its performance.

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