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Ground Screw Foundations

D Page Contractors LTD have worked in the commercial construction industry since 2008, switching its focus solely to Ground Screw Foundations in 2019.

Working closely with FIRST BASE Ground Screws based in the Netherlands, a known industry leader with a wealth of proven technology,  D page Contractors LTD became its major installation Partner for the UK. 

Commercial Structures


Ground Screw Installation

Agricultural, Commercial and Industrial Construction.  Primarily Steel framed and traditionally bolted into Concrete Pad footings.  In this scenario a single Ground Screw, could replace 2-3 Tonnes of Concrete, can be installed in minutes, not days and has no negative impact on the environment.

The Larger, FIRST BASE 114mm Diameter Ground Screws can be load tested to suit the calculations of the structure and installed accordingly. For this type of Installation our Hydraulic Driver would be deployed, a 3T Tracked based machine and similarly sized to the equivalent weight Excavator.

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