Grounds a brief history

It isn’t entirely certain when the first ground screw was created, records often pop up of the crude beginnings of what we now know a ground screw to look like. We do, however, know that Alexander Mitchell was the one who began manufacturing and eventually patenting the screw pile in 1833. He was known as the inventor of the screw pile lighthouse.

Ground screws are becoming an ever more popular foundation alternative across the industry. The versatility of projects that can be completed and complex structures that have pushed the boundaries of modern design further have a lot to thank ground screws for. Ground screws offer a far more environmentally friendly alternative than more traditional types. Take concrete as an example, it is estimated that producing concrete generates around 2.5 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide per year which is between 4-8% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. By contrast, ground screws are made with galvanised steel; with steel being a natural resource to begin with and galvanising being a very energy efficient process which uses no harmful chemicals or compounds which can be added to the environment when installing. Installation is also less of an impact to the environment as it requires no excavation of the ground.

FIRST BASE ground screws have a wealth of knowledge in the industry and have successfully operated a UK arm of the business since 2020. FIRST BASE ground screws have been developed with a team of experienced in-house engineers who have worked in conjunction with leading scientists and steel producers to create a superior product from EU certified steel. FIRST BASE also produce specialist drivers and accessories for installation and work with UK installation partners for more specialist projects that require that professional touch. FIRST BASE strive to push the boundaries of engineering to support ever evolving design concepts. New projects continually demand innovation and ingenuity and having an environmentally friendly, versatile and robust foundation solution to keep up with industries that continually seek the protection of not only the environment they are in but the wider battle against emissions is supported by FIRST BASE’s continual development of new ideas to support this aim. Where once, designers and architects may have been restricted in location due to tricky terrain, we can now say yes to more innovative and captivating ideas which ground screw foundations can support and enhance.

The team at D Page Contractors, a major FIRST BASE UK installation partner, continually endeavor to support this vision. With humble beginnings within the building, groundworks and landscaping industries going back to 2008, the team have turned the focus to ground screw installation in more recent years. The Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 saw the ever-rising boom in garden buildings to support our more common place arrangement of working from home. This trend of home improvements has continued in its rising trajectory following mortgage rates hitting highs of 6% with many homeowners now seeking to extend and add to their spaces as an alternative to buying bigger properties. 

D Page Contractors have made investments in the business which continually develop the technology we use for testing and installing. With machinery capable of installing screws up to 140mm in diameter, more and more commercial projects can be supported by the teams professional ground screw installations. The team are predominantly Surrey based but cover the whole of the UK and have the capability to install foundations to support anything from garden sheds through to residential housing. 

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